Morcea Walker Collection

Morcea is the Lead Organiser for Northampton Carnival.  She  is also a retired teacher and Equality Advisor for Northamptonshire County Council.

She is a member of Welfare Rights, her local Carnival Arts Consortium and Black History Association and has links with numerous communities including Polish, Indian, Chinese and Turkish groups.

The Northampton Carnival has had strong traditions within the town from its old history in the 1960's through the midsummer meadow times in the 1980's, to its short break in the late 1990's until its revival in the year 2005. The carnival aims to bring together all of the communities in the town to unite to celebrate and party to show each communities beliefs and culture.

The Carnival each year has brought colour, noise, amazing costumes and great charachters along for the family to see on each occasion. The atmosphere generated by the Northampton Carnival has led to huge crowds advertising the town as one of the best in the country for carnivals.

Each year the Northampton Carnival has brought a variety of culture, smells and great tradition to a town which has always showcased a selection of styles and wild float designs in recent years.

The Northampton Carnival was reinvented by a selection of people back in 2005, and based on the last few years performances has the potential to stay and carry on the carnival spirit shown, by some of the more established carnivals in the UK like Leeds, Notting Hill & Luton.

In recent years it has attracted record crowds, and performance singers such as Storm, Mystic Crew, Corrine Lucy & Micheal Hinch the carnival spirit in Northampton's communities lives on each year to display to the world Northampton and its rich vibrant mixed culture that is home to its participants.

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