R.J. Parker Collection

Lesley Parker (nee Dennis) Sheringham Carnival Queen in 1976 remembers:

It never rains in my memories of the carnival.....

The carnival had many highlights for me throughout my childhood. As a small child, dressing up for the parade and building wonderful sand models in the sandcastle competitions. Later, my favourite events were the pram race and raft race both of which have been recently resurrected (2009). As a teenager the carnival dances were the places to go.

So after being involved throughout my childhood it seemed a natural progression to enter for Miss Sheringham (especially when my mum promised to buy me a dress).  The venue was rather daunting for a 16 year old having to stand on stage being interviewed in front of a large audience. I have fond memories of Carnival day itself (always on a Wednesday then). We had lunch, prior to the crowning ceremony with Ian Masters in the Burlingham Hotel. I remember feeling rather special - I was even asked for my autograph by one small girl. After the crowning ceremony we had a horse drawn carriage ride up to the 'old rec'  through the town past my parents shop in Beeston Road.

The week was full of presenting prizes: bouncy baby, winners of fishermens' races, football matches, fancy drsss etc etc.

1976 Carnival Court:-

Carnival Queen - Lesley Dennis

Attendants - Karen Forncombe and Christine Nursery

Crowned by Ian Masters - presenter from Look East

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