Fastolf Society Collection

Photographs donated by, and of, the Fastolf Society, at Caister Carnival from 1980 to 1987. The Fastolf Society were a local amateur theatre Company, noted for their comedies,

The group was formed in 1966 by members of the Youth Drama Group and the Filby Drama group, named after local warrior Sir John Fastolf, who survived Agincourt and many other battles in France, built Caister Castle, and may have been the inspiration for Shakespeare's character Sir John Falstaff.


The first play produced was The Holly and the Ivy. The group was fortunate to have the use of the Church Hall in Causter where there was a well equipped stage. Sets were desgined by a local artist and built by members of the group. The plays, ranging from farce to murder mysteries, proved so popular that the group increased production from one play to three plays per year running for a week at a time.

The members were also invited to perform at the St Andrews Festival in Gorleston and it was there that the last play in 1988, 'Bedroom Farce' by Alan Aukhourn was performed.Unfortunately due to lack of younger members and the commitments of others it was decided that the group should fold.

The Caister Carnival, which began in 1977 the Silver Jubilee Year, took place every year, and local groups were invited to take part. There was a theme for each year and the Fastolf members produced a float. The year of an historical event saw the group depicting Henry VIII and his wives. Another year, the theme being book titles, saw Alice in Wonderland, musicals saw My Fair Lady being chosen.

Great fun was had making costumes for the floats and everyone enjoyed taking part in spite of the rain whch seemed to fall each year just as the procession began. With the advent of Health and Safety it became more difficult to hire a lorry for a float.

The Carnival continues but without a procession through the village due to lack of policing, but it is good to look back and remember the fun times we had.




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