UK Centre for Carnival Arts Collection

The UK Centre for Carnival Arts (opened in 2009) is a national organisation and leading agency for carnival in all its guises. UKCCA works from a strategic to grass roots level complementing and supporting agendas for neighbourhood renewal and regeneration, tourism development, arts in education, business development and community cohesion. We facilitate:

  • Business Development and inward investment – through the Centre’s developing business advisory scheme, incubation programme and street market facility
  • Developing employable skills – encouraging people to take part in work experience and practical workshops as a way of building confidence, self esteem and pathways to higher education and employment
  • Innovative educational programmes that raise educational indices at key stages right up to national degree level
  • Crime diversionary work tackling anti social behaviour and channelling disaffection through creative enterprise, workshops and international development work
  • Complementing town wide and regional regeneration through the creation and support of an ever growing carnival community
  • Environmental sustainability achieved by incorporating hi tech materials and designs into external and internal fabric of the building design and creative outputs
  • Sustainable resources disseminating best practice, event management and support, seminars, conferences and workshops that will advance peoples understanding of carnival and its related sectors ensuring that projects can be self sufficient
  • Promoting Luton International Carnival as one of the best carnivals in the UK, positioning Luton as a creative and cultural capital and increasing tourism
  • Developing the National Carnival Archive “Carnival Essence”. Carnival Essence explores the role of carnival in Luton and the broader national and international significance of this powerful cultural and political force. The project documents and celebrates the roots of carnival and the diversity of the Luton Carnival over the last 30 years, through newspaper cuttings, oral histories, a specially commissioned film and a collection of carnival materials form flyers and photos to sketches and t-shirts.

Partners and sponsors