Learning Resource Pack

This pack contains 5 different sections exploring an aspect of carnival, and each with a craft activity to do. 

Download the learning resource pack

Moving Monsters Workshop Resource

Find out how to use the archive as part of a 'Moving Monsters' topic.

Download the Moving Monsters workshop resource

Download Moving_Monsters.m4v...

History Workshop Resource

Use photographs from the archive to develop historical investigation and enquiry skills.

Download the History Workshop Resource

The BIG Carnival Case Study

Creating Characters

Be inspired to create your own carnival character, whether on paper or brought to life.

Download Creating Characters

Local History Research Project

Research the history of the streets and buildings along the carnival route of your town or city.

Download the Local History Research Project resource

Looking at Archives

Find out what archives are and how you can use the carnival archive to discover more about different times and places.

Download the Looking at Archives resource

Virtual Reminiscence Kit

Use this kit and images in the archive to elicit memories of carnivals that you have seen or been a part of.

Download the Virtual Reminiscence Kit

Reading Guide

Use this reading guide to help you explore  'After the Dance: a walk through carnival in Jacmel, Haiti'.

Download the Reading Guide

Home Education Resource

See how one Home Education group explored carnivals and the archive, and how you can too.

Download the Home Education Resource

Carnival Costume Project Resource

Comparing & contrasting the illuminated carnival

The children are asked to compare and contrast two carnival procession from in 1985 and 2012.

Download Comparing & contrasting the illuminated carnival

A - Z of things you will find at carnival

A - Z of things you will find at carnival has already been used by primary teachers as a starter activity when teaching.

Download A - Z of things you will find at carnival

The carnival procession resources

The carnival procession resources gives a range of starter, progression and practical activities which teacher's can use to introduce carnival to young people.

Download the carnival procession resources

Queen Kathleen’s Big Day Out

The Queen Kathleen Learning resource contains an activity task-sheet which gives examples of different ways to use this resource.

Download Queen Kathleen’s Big Day Out

Download Queen_Kathleen_s_Big_Day_Out_movie.m4v...


This resource shows the movement of people into and out of Southend Council.

Downoad the Migration Power Point Presentation

Changing roles of Women in Carnival

The Changing Roles of Women in Carnival look at women's involvement in carnival over the years.

Download Changing roles of Women in Carnival

Historic Places along Southend Carnival route

The local history film shows places of interest along Southend Carnival route.

Download Historic Places along Southend Carnival route film

Carnival Performance

An introduction to Carribbean carnival performance including music and carnival characters.

Download Carnival Performance


Simple and creative costume making techniques to bring your carnival project to life.

Download the costume resource

Download How To Make a Carnival Headdress.m4v...

People and Processions

A guide to carnival history in Luton with suggested activites.

Download People and Processions

Jazz Dance

A history of Jazz Dance in carnival

Download the Carnival and Jazz power point presentation

Lantern Making Guide

Learn how to make beautiful withy lanterns for winter celebrations and light parades.

Download the Lantern Making Guide

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