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Fred Higginson was a bicycle maker and repairer who owned a shop in Grafton Street, Northampton. He made a wide variety of unusual bicycles and  founded The Higginson Troupe, a group who regularly performed in the Northampton Carnival as well as many other carnivals and events. The troupe was largely made up of Fred's family, including his sons and grandsons, but also included several friends.

George Twiselton, a long time member of the troupe, says that it was Fred who got the Northampton Carnival parade going again when it was stopped during the war due to government fears of air strikes on large gatherings of people. Fred felt the people needed something to entertain them and so put on a trick cycle show which was a great success, raising a lot of money for charity. This then became part of the Northampton Carnival Parade, which went from strenght to strenght, and the Higginson Troupe were always a highly popular part of the event, frequently winning first prize.

Those involved in The Higginson Troupe include: Fred Higginson, Len Higginson (Fred's son whose real name was also Fred), George Twiselton, Don Butlin, Michael Higginson (Fred's Grandson), Richard Higginson (Fred's Grandson), Sandra Higginson (Fred's granddaughter), Alan Roberts, Peter Harrison, George Harrison, Clive Elliot, David Harrison and Phil Eady.


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