Article about the Cycle Parade, 1943


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Copy of article in Chronicle and Echo re Cycle Parade, 3 July 1943

The Carnival was stopped during the war due to fear of an air raid but Fred Higginson decided to arrange a Cycle Parade to raise morale and collect money for the hospital. The event was a huge success, please see CAP/NPT/14/3/3 for a post event account of the parade.

Transcription of the article:

We are to have a cycle parade after all.
Not the spectacular affair of years ago with its hundreds of competitors, its ... bands and its decorated cycles.
But it will be weird and wonderful all the same.
Mr. Fred Higginson, cycle repairer and agent of Grafton Street, Northampton, who makes a hobby of seting up freak cycles, is arranging that a group of riders, most of them scouts with the Cyclists Badge, shall parade with these cycles on Saturday evening. Fred himself will be among them and a collection will by made for the hospital on the way.
For years Fred has been collecting oddments such as old steering wheels from cars, odd pieces of tubing, old cycle wheels, handle bars and so on. And he has made them into "bicycles" which he calls "Long Tom", "Double-Decker Tandem", the "Vela-Car Cycle" and so on.
They will all be in the procession which is to start at 8.30 from Sheep Street to Abington Park.

Date3 July 1943
RightsNorthampton Chronicle and Echo
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